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A Guide to Online Jewish Schools

There are different types of online learning options, and time is their one criterion. There is such that learning is accessible at all times and there is another with real live people teaching. Below are the benefits of both types of program.

As part of the academic programs of many Jewish day schools, online learning options are given to students. The reasons for doing so includes cost savings, staffing, and technology integration. Students can take advantage of any of the available online programs being offered by their school. Different options cater to different needs of students. Educational providers should be aware of student needs so that they can recommend the appropriate online programs for them.

There are two different options to an online learning program as already stated above. The first online learning options for students is the one in which students can learn at their own pace through self-paced, prerecorded lessons. The benefit of this type of online learning program is their low cost and enabling the students to start and stop studying at their own convenience. The subjects available for this type of program is also very vast and you can even find materials on subjects which are specialized. The functionality of being able to access the progress and marks of enrolled students at any time by school teachers and administration is very beneficial for the school.
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There are also problems to this type of online learning. It is only if students are well motivated that they are successful in this type of learning program. This method has not been proven successful for less motivated students. These programs are also not personalized. There is no one to provide assistance if a student needs help in a specific area.
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There are many Jewish schools that have experienced a lot of success with this type of online learning program. In their high school curriculum, some of these schools have integrated online learning as part of their in-school instruction in a blended learning technique. Blended learning is said to perfectly fit the learning environment. There are online courses that students have to take and they are providing assistance whenever they need it. Even if a student takes up an online subject not part of the support system, teachers give him assistance and support if he requests for one Because the prices are low, adding courses in not a problem.

This type of learning, however, has not worked for all Jewish schools. Some schools offer online courses integrated into the learning environment. The online learning part is an option to supplement what is taught in the classroom. To be able to better blend with traditional classroom learning, live online courses are necessary. With this set-up, the school is more confident about student mentoring and tracking.