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Five Big Ways Jogging Makes You Healthier

Jogging ranks among the oldest and most favorite forms of aerobic exercise. Fads come and pass, but jogging has weathered all of the hippest exercise crazes that have surfaced over time. Apparently, this has something to do with the various health benefits of jogging, especially in the area of disease prevention.

On top of fighting stress and helping to keep your weight in check, below are five other key reasons you should jog regularly as part of your health pursuits:

1. It improves the health of your heart and cardiovascular system.
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Aerobic fitness is associated with better quality of life. On key benefit of jogging is its ability to reduce your risk of cardiovascular diseases. Jogging will help you avoid high blood pressure. One way it makes that possible is by decreasing your blood LDL or the “bad cholesterol” levels. If ignored, this so-called “silent killer” have long-term damaging effects on your body that could bring about life-threatening conditions like aneurysms and atherosclerosis.
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2. It plays an important role in cancer prevention.

Researchers have long concluded that jogging helps prevent some cancers. This is because jogging increases the oxygenation of cells in our entire bodies. Cells that do receive insufficient supplies of oxygen have been found to mutate more aggressively, and in most cases, they even become malignant. If you jog regularly, this scenario can be avoided.

3. It gives your immune system a boost.

As well, jogging is an impeccable immunity booster. Evidence is clear that jogging – or any other aerobic exercise for that matter – helps strengthen bacteria fighting cells known as macrophages and lymphocytes (white blood cells) in their fight against infections. When these cells circulate throughout our bodies with increased power, they can better fight diseases and medical conditions caused by pathogenic microorganisms.

4. It helps control diabetes.

Jogging also helps prevent or manage diabetes. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you will probably become overweight or obese and be at risk of diabetes. Jogging and the right diet can assist you as you ward off this serious condition.

5. It enhances mental fitness.

Lastly, jogging benefits our mental health as well. When we are in shape, we have a better sense of confidence and self-esteem. Your overall attitude and behavior can also be removed since jogging, being a physical exercise. makes our bodies release those happy hormones known as endorphins. That’s why people are usually upbeat coming out of a workout. This is also known as the runner’s high. Exercises such as like jogging will keep you feeling good and happy. Experts also even advise depressed individuals to jog or do any similar physical activity as a way to manage their moods.

So whether you intend to jog in the park or on your treadmill, just do it and do it regularly. It is a proven exercise that has provided a multitude of health benefits for millions of people around the world since time immemorial.